Document Management

Our integrated document vault works seemlessly allowing you an easy way to access, retrieve, upload and download files. Share files with other departments, company divisions or external vendors (law firm).

Vendor Outsource

Centralizes the registration process to comply with the company requirements. The qualification and approval workflow is auto audited and standardized.

Status Report

Finds, sorts, compares, retrieves and analizes data from vendors; cases or projects with their specific budgets, invoices and billings.

Invoice Processing

Creates unlimited amount of routes for single or multiple steps approval processes. Helps officers in charge of approving, denying or correcting the invoices amount. Also generate, comments according to established invoices routes. Automatic follow-up to pending invoices.

Budget Management

Optimizes the expense control of every case, project or matter .

Get ValidZone

ValidZone thrives by managing the complexity of the interoffice processes. Our administrative platform allows seemless collaboration between the company departments with their vendors and suppliers. Our unsurpassed Core and Modules system ensures you a worflfow experience tailored for your needs.